With very little attention from the men in her life, Tiffany would strive to get attention from men. At age 9, Tiffany was already very sexually active with older boys. This is a story that we all know all too well.

Big Mike
Big Mike was a friend of Jeremy’s uncle. Typical guy in the neighborhood with multiple kids by multiple women, all within a 20 mile radius. Like Mike tells it, the women were all crazy and ran him away. Big Mike did a lot of running.

A town drunk of sorts, Billy was always outside in the neighborhood causing a fuss trying to fight everyone and drinking from morning until night. There were always policemen at his home stemming from domestic abuse and other family issues.

King Cesar & M80
King Cesar was a big dopeboy from the Lockland that expanded to other close neighborhoods and began to do well for himself. Cesar was for the most part a nice guy. M80 was the righthand of Cesar and he was not so nice. You could call him an enforcer for Cesar. 80 handled any situation that would arise and it was usually pretty ugly.

Donnie moved to Lockland at around age 11, he was a nice guy and came from a better neighborhood. His mother fell on bad times and had to relocate to section 8 housing. Over the years, Donnie would come to be worse than a lot of the kids that were native to the area. A great story of a dog eat dog world but on a smaller scale.

Bethany was a friend of Jeremy’s mother. she was a drug addict and not a functioning addict. Bethany could not take care of her children and was always shuffling them around house to house. The crack era took its toll on her and in turn destroyed her children’s life.

Rev Williams
Mr Williams was a pastor in the area, and seemingly the wealthiest man in Lockland as well. While not working a second job, he managed to always keep a new car and new clothing. God is good.

Tyler & Ron
Tyler was a young white kid from the neighboring town named Wyoming, which was the exact opposite of Lockland. Very nice, well kept and the population of Wyoming was 95% White. Tyler would sneak over to Lockland to hangout with the black kids. Ron was a young black kid from Lockland and wanted so badly to be from Wyoming instead of Lockland. Neither of them were happy with where they were from, which was the irony in the end.