Verse 1

Take a pull it’s euphoria, more of us is on it them not that drug emporium, I sell my body for rocks, tryna get more of em, that’s my salvation I swore I could see The Lord in em, salivating just from the thought of it, front me a little don’t need a lot of it I pay you back, I get my check on the first, that’s on some real shit my son bitching see I ain’t tripping on his field trip, no intervention that’s my kill switch , I don’t need no help I need u out my fucking face, landlord be bitching threaten to kick me out my fucking place, when I hit that pipe I’m on my high it’s like I’m stuck in space, it’s like my life is stuck in place, I place my life inside that pipe u see just how I ride that base. I tell this story with conviction, see ain’t no help for me see how I’m drowning in addiction.

Verse 2

This monkey one back a muthafucka this fucking crack, keeping me with that hand off or that pitch off how in running Back, I never can say I’m done with crack, more like when it’s done with me, we journey to eternal sleep, ain’t seen my kids in about a couple weeks, too busy smoking not thinking having a couple drinks, na na is don’t care what u fuckas think, some of u muthafuckas no nothing about addiction? Spent my little money so now I’m facing eviction and this is just something that from the start I couldn’t have predicted, it’s non fiction ima smoke until i can’t no more, get a couple bags and then we blaze until it ain’t no more. One day like the other it’s like the time stopped I’m day by day with this issue smoking this dime rock, until the day that time stop, I’ll shake that monkey other than that ima fucking junky, fuck it.