Verse 1

Fuck she talking bout that I, that I ain’t did shit for them, bitch u ain’t did shit for me and I did by clothes for her and him, see I did shit but u don’t give credit when credit is due, then tell people I don’t care about em and I hear about it cool, don’t expect shit when I get mine I ain’t bringing nothing by, cuz u a evil bitch and u start shit and u don’t give a fuck if I, sleep on the street long as u good and u get u a piece, section 8 crib and ya good stamp book so u get ya relief, but what about me, I don’t get food they ain’t given out free, bitch I don’t get a crib and not pay rent and still get sleep, what the fuck u mean I don’t give a fuck what the fuck u think, bitch got me stuck I don’t piss out what the fuck u drink. So I run off, fuck the kids see I’m done y’all, it ain’t they fought and ain’t mine either, that bitch evil and why I’m leaving. Fuck y’all I love mine but this enough dog I tried to stay but this enough y’all. I love my kids but I can’t stay…….I see another woman and…RUN!’


U make it hard so I get my shit and I run, love the kids but I’m done with shit so I run, it get difficult so we turn around and we run, this situation this pressure making me run.

Verse 2

I ask to see em and you, thinking u cute, cancel dates with that bullshit and I jump through hoops, I thought u knew it’s all bout them bitch it ain’t bout u, fuck my life and matter of fact bitch fuck u too. What u mad for cuz I had enough and I moved on moved out when I had a choice and I left u and not choose home? Keywords I left u I ain’t leave them, believe me for that custody waste of time I knew she’d win, niggas ain’t got no damn rights, pissed off and u damn right, worked hard to keep y’all straight on them long nights to keep fam right, lost job and u got fly, still chasing that next high, superman that next guy I packed shit and said bye. So I run off , fuck the kids see I’m done y’all, it ain’t they fault and ain’t mine either that bitch evil and why I’m leaving, she say excuse I say reasons fuck it I’m done yes I love daughter my son but I can’t live up under that gun….. I see another woman and run