fuck u gon tell me when I’m high as hell and I, Ugh 9’s out and it’s ugh, yea fuck u gon tell me when it’s all I got and um yea all In wit this, ugh gun on my side, riding off in that sunset ugh yea riding off with that.

Verse 1

Listen, I’m desperate tryna get them coppers off of my shit, I pulled that robbery 211 I shot the clerk and I dipped I mean I, can’t keep baby moms up off of my dick, I mean um tweakin prolly just drive right off of this cliff. U got me fucked up I’m crunked up high from snorting that Cain I’m running red lights cross walks I’m clearly off of that chain, my infant son, seeing that hungry all in his face , fuck u expect I’m raised in the jects, blk ski mask aiming them techs. Take that plunge amazing I lept, my faith I accept, I’m ready except knowing my babies mourning my death ugh gold chain on my neck no food in that crib, back was touching them ribs feeding my fam the reason I did yea, cops is all on my tail, won’t return to that jail na speeding off from that L y’all niggas ain’t fucking wit that cell ugh before I get boxed in I’m weighing my options no jail na no locked in ima make it back to my lockland yeaaaa

Verse 2

See I be damn if I give up on mine, even committing that crime yea thinking while loading that 9 the rent is due I can’t run out of time realest of niggas won’t run out on mine, so what am I doing jail or the box, won’t make it home prolly should stop, wait till they walk up and shoot at the cops!!! That’s stupid shit hand clutching my crucifix other hand on that steering wheel I can’t believe that I’m doing this, find a way to just ruin shit uhh must be that I’m losing it, brain screws wasn’t in tight so them bills due just loosened it ahhhh, ain’t nothing the same I’m stuck in this game. Smoking and drinking ain’t numbing dat pain look at me swerving down Anthony Wayne, I swear to god my kids won’t visit me in that jail, my baby moms is broke as a joke so even with luck no money for bail. Don’t give a fuck just me on my own this gun this bottle patron my only friend along for the ride so even in death they down to the end, even with death I’m down for my ends, hope he forgiving my sins, talley my losses and wins cuz I’m not going back to the pin, lord watch out for my kids cuz I am not built for this shit and I swore that I’m not going back to the pin, but I also had swore that I’m done with this crime but look at me here once again, look before I get locked in I weighed my options, ima down here in my Lockland! Yeaaaa!!!