Verse 1

This hood shit is bout as bad as it gets ain’t nothing good got my back to the bricks, backpack of the bricks, try to snatch it get the action get to acting like the shit Neva could happen jumped off of da wagon, coke selling my passion but also my vice, drug spurging shit it burden my life to the point that I be selling just to buy it I’m smoking up the profit take a walk into my office my moms kitchen, palms itching, caught sniffing, moms stiffing den she start bitching pause this wasn’t issue till I start pitching imagine that, guess it’s irrelevant right there in my element right there I’m the elephant in the room they won’t talk about, my moms, pops, grandma say I’m acting out. They remember the good kid, scratch that ima Lockland nigga, catch me right there in the church yard clicking nigga, this shit is awful this my concrete coffin nigga ugh.

Verse 2

Upon moving here I was a lil timid just give me a lil minute I’ll catch up to em what’s up to em. Head nod and I keep moving, what is he doing? High robbing the bakery think I found a place for me, placing me in situations I’m making a way for me, high free basin is just a way of me facing me, see in this city I get it shit it’s a given, imagine being an angel and living in hella kitchen, nigga dis sink or swim where should we begin, start from the beginning or fast forward the ending. Me in Sunday school or fast life of the sinning then it’s necessary to carry weapons on me for instance, nigga my moms moved most of my boys dead I’m still here in lockland and still knocking my hard head. This all real u thinking I’m only talking nigga fuck a pine box this my concrete coffin nigga Ughhh