Verse 1

Yea, I’m next in line for this gang shit, blood piru my homie we bang shit, a shit, let it smoke see u niggas be on some lame shit, getcha blow ya picture out the frame shit ima thug look, my older brother and my cousin got me started in it I learned the handshakes and now like the hardest in it I twist my fingers make the B now what it be, bitch, itching for some action but I ain’t seem clips we touching look. Look at the cops steady scoping nigga fuck em though, this my hood in order to get this money then ima sell em dope, Fresh out the 8th grade look at me got my place made look at me how I cook Cain and my brother nem got the AK’s. We really doing it gang banging like snoop em, see blue den we shooting them I’m smoked out in this coupe wit them. They jump me in see my brother nem don started something I must admit it feel good to be apart of something.

Verse 2

I come from under my brother nem I was born for it, for the dope I’m at cha throat get ya torn for it, done for it see today I got my first glock and my first plot to shoot it ima take mine to the bus stop, see ain’t no other niggas banging in this area this walnut street u start some shit and we will burry em. Cleaning my gun but now I’m eager to shoot it tho we never killed but niggas ready to do it tho, got on my red sweats red flannel and blk gloves I’m not the one u niggas a get shot down if u act up, we run the streets don’t let me catch u on. Block of mine no reason my motives just be the dollar sign now give it up, 16 in the clip my finger on the trigger, I’m looking cool with my pistol I’m posing in the mirror, it’s feeling good to be repping the color red I’m looking into the barrel to see if one in the HEA!!!!!