Verse 1

Bill Clinton was president, grandmama was heaven sent cuz moms was busy so she cop me shit that I would never get, copy shit, I’m kinda cocky shit but u don’t know the shit I live through, got coca and 40’s right in my rear view, headphones to my ears blew, head home but got no phone cuz paying bills she don’t care too. No lies I would swear too + any of the shit in my lines, fabricating my lies is not what I’m into u artificial i see thru any disguise. Rap circles round any u guys, nigga Lockland made me cold, got this chopper that I hold, see ya roster make em cold (bang) got rid of my project, 711 walnut,nigga dis all us, niggas dis ballas, nigga dis crack dis alcoholics yea, dis what Lockland taught us, dat life is pretty lonely get yo money den u pack ya shit and move up to Wyoming, where da money at, see as a child I still can play it back, it heaven and it’s hell and they divided by some fucking tracks.


Walking around in the city where I’m raised, crack spots where da homies glocks pop Strayssss, dis ain’t a game see dem boys don’t playyy gotta city full of niggas and dey feel the same wayyy. Ayyyyy dis is Lockland 95 yea dis Lockland 95 yea dis Lockland 95, 95 nigga Lockland 95

Verse 2

(Smell) smell that?thats the smell of death, u never make it out u just beating on da devils chest, relish death see da crib where a felon rest, step into da crib and get a shell up in ya rib. Stop da car parked it, meet me at star market, all red wit protection I’m short stopping my Larkin, it’s crazy dem dogs barkin, dey side aim it and toss it look Sean Marion wit da pistol da shot awkward Ugh, let it settle in, 80s baby shit, I mainly set it straight, mainly get the weight gone let em in, sodom and Gomorrah horror story from an early age, an early page from da book of sleep, put em in a cage,() got me in a rage, I’ma go the glory route if I don’t say my peace and I don’t get this fuckin story out,() need a guide I show u how to survive nigga, da name sleep dis is Lockland 95 nigga, yea