Verse 1

Waking up I’m bout to get money, dark city nigga ain’t shit funny ugh with the weight I like run Lockland most dope plus I keep a clip locked in, since a kid I been stuck locked in, it’s all good I ain’t tripping I adapt to it, see the danger I’m strapped put a gat to it, 100 round drum clap I can rap too it, huh fuck school shit I say through it, nigga can’t cook crack in the classroom. Got jumped beat my ass in the bathroom now it’s all good in the hood when I pass through it, real written on my face put a mask to it, niggas wanna rob me cops wanna cuff me, count a hundred last night this is lovely, don’t move easily the boys couldn’t budge me. Call M80

Nigga what’s good

U knowing what’s next

We meeting the connect?

Damn right nigga finally we getting our respect

Hell yea

In a hour ima meet u in the jects, bet see my nigga M80 sick, crazy them niggas can’t fade em, niggas getting sprayed if them niggas ain’t paid em, that’s my partner we getting it daily.


You my brother nigga hand in hand we go, ride till we both gone, you my brother nigga back to back we stand, stand for each other we

Verse 2

What’s good gotta call from black, say he got work got coke got crack , meet him on elm angilos out back.

Bra I ain’t gotta gun

Nigga u don’t need that, black cool he be focused on a stack, grind on his money shit his mind on a trap

But what if dude trip?

Shit I’m good wit the 5th, u just focus on the lick , let me worry bout that cease.

Counted 100 stacks out last night it’s all in the bag in the back,

Niggas getting rich off of passing the crack,

Look it’s all there nigga u can fasten it back

Shit cool nigga, looking out I’m just making sure u cool nigga

Nigga I ain’t new to this I’m familiar wit the rules nigga

Figured u was straight just remember keep it cool nigga, came here to score wit ya I ain’t tryna lose nigga.

Homie we good keep ya mind on the bread, watch for the cops get some time on ya head

I don’t know about u shit I’m dying for this bread I don already done me some time in the Feds

Right, good looking on you setting up the deal

Shit to keep it real, we can get a couple mill, pile up the stacks prolly make it out the trap, we can wait for him here gone pull around back nigga