Verse 1

Ain’t no revelation no god, Christianity known frauds, what to do when you need money u 42 and got no job, preacher ima leecher get to ya seats I repeat ima teach ya reach ya clinch to the bible a known rival da devil from below he can heat ya eat ya, pass the collection plate, twice on Election Day, god need money and I don’t know why, if u don’t it can seal ya faith, ay ain’t had a real job in a couple years but I’m living right, got me a big bed in that big house where I sleep at night. Yea we got Sunday service, Monday service I’m keeping it coming, u keep coming in acting like u give a fuck I don’t give a fuck keep bringing that money. Yea gone pay them ties, keep it coming and ima say them lies, good and evil see I don’t play them sides I send out the deacons gone pay them guys. Yea, na but don’t question that bible teaching about lessons that’s saying this and they saying that but still wrong talking bout the world is flat and ugh.

Verse 2

Ain’t no afterlife, after life, u cease to exist right after life, just sit calm no sitcom but this the facts of life, grabs the mic, tell u a story bout a man made a 50 mile boat by himself Noah’s ark, work of fiction but u don’t know it’s art just stories allegories bout a sinners heart but yea yea I’ll take them ties u sit here in church and u take them lies.lie to yourself hope god don’t hear it come to the church then catch that spirit, yea while u singing in dancing give me a chance to work that plate, working a 9-5 don’t work that great show nuff don’t work like faith. Ha gone search my faith, won’t find honesty, honestly, ornery? Bout to be a millionaire pardon me ima get money as long as I keep god on the side of me, it’s religious sodomy why would I care, boy look here this big business religions bring in 300 billion dollars a year, all thanks to you, glad y’all don’t ask no questions blessings from the most high dont stop it gotta feel my pockets, stupid.