Verse 1

These niggas here can’t tell me shit, cop a dream can’t sell me shit, sick from these niggaa and these hating ass bitches, awwww na u can’t tell me shit, ugh Ima get this cash, bending over ima shake this ass, send em over ima suck em off for the cash letting him and his niggas smash uhhhhh fuck u gonna tell me got two hungry mouths to feed and I didn’t finish high school with B’s and A’s and I can’t find a job with decent pay, mind ya business muthafucka please and thanks on the grind getting work knees a ache, where the money muthafucka if u want if u don’t wear my muthafucking keys I’m leaving ayyyyy, ugh what u acting like u care for? Ugh know the things that I care for? Money money money money ain’t nothing else, don’t even try to tell a bitch about something else, what ya bitching bout nigga lets get it in, if ya boy got money u can bring a friend. 40 for da sex, head u can bring a 10, Times 2 for ya boy u can bring em in ugh laying in the sheets and I don’t give a fuck cuz ya girl gotta eat. Nose turnt up when I walk in the streets but crying inside while I dance to the beat. Stripping ain’t shit no don’t pay these niggas won’t tip, they don’t want tricks these niggas want head, niggas want sex and that’s my lane cuz I want bread.

Verse 2

Hello who is this?
It’s ya pimp knowing damn well who it is. It’s round 8 damn tiff u ain’t knew to this. I got a john coming over u can do em in.
But the kids home
I ain’t ask that , don’t be a dumb bitch, bitch u don’t talk back. Don’t be fucking up the money u know I will trip, talking stupid playing and shit. Take em in the back.
The kids in the bed.
Take em in the other room bitch.
I’m sorry.
Na u stay doing this shit, u stupid u should be doing this trick, gone get the money or I’m through with u bitch u playing with the money I ain’t cool with this shit, u talking to a boss I ain’t new to this shit and u don’t work days I ain’t losing this shift bye.

I can’t stand that nigga but a bitch need cake, rent money due and his ass won’t wait, the John got money and his ass wanna pay ay, don’t be thinking ima hoe, other bitches fuck they ain’t getting that dough, ain’t nothing free they ain’t getting that row the kids won’t see they ain’t even gotta know , no oh snorting that coke, poppin that e, drinking that brown while he looking at me, under the influence I ain’t even gotta see, lost myself I ain’t even gotta be, be me, even gotta be lost myself I ain’t even gotta be hope this a world u ain’t Neva gotta see, see, see Neva gotta see